Our Boss Take Part in the 12th Chinese American Film Festival press conference in the United States


It's glad our boss could have the honor to take part in the 12th Chinese American Film Festival.

This is an valuable cpportunity that we could raise reputation of our products.


This time our main goal is discussing the cooperation with Hollywood Pictures. We sponsor our stage lighting products to their company fo free. Our stage lighting including our mini beam 5R 7R, 350W beam spot wash 3in1, 19pcs 15w big bee eye k10, led pars and so on.


Each year, the Chinese American Film Festival is sponsored by the National Film and Television Bureau of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television, the American Film Association and the Chinese Embassy in the United States. It was also the first Sino-American film cultural exchange program to be included in the Annual Report of the US Congress. The 10th China-US Film Festival in 2014 was included in the fifth round of the Sino-US cultural exchanges between the United States high-level consultations on the list of joint results of the first 55, a Sino-US cultural exchanges between the national project. It was also included in Congressional Document No. 157, Document No. 194, which was praised by the 112th Congress of the United States and praised the China-US Film Festival for its high dedication to promote Sino-American cultural exchanges as part of the permanent preservation of American history.



I believe after this time, we will be known to many customers.And we will have more chance to provide good products to our customers.


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